Darren Bates - Founder

Meri Gulyan - UX/UI Design / Xivic

Joe Gardner - Development / VentureDevs


Darren Bates is driven by a passion for data analytics and its practical applications. He coded the prototype for Ethiq, and has been working on the research, design, and programming for the past 2 years. He is a graduate of UCSD, and once cycled solo across North America. 


Dedicated to User Experience and Marketing Strategy, Meri focuses on architecting solutions that are scalable while user-friendly. Meri oversees all aspects of Discovery, Strategy, and UX to ensure they follow best practices and business requirements. 


Joe sold his first startup before the age of 30 and has been investing in, advising for and building startups ever since. Joe's passion lies in connecting people on both sides of technology and business to turn innovative startups into great companies.